Unbelievers and Sugar-Coating the Bible.

Hello, hope you are doing alright. I know life can prove to be hard, but remind yourself that Jesus ended it all on the cross and that all you always need is Jesus Christ because He is everything.

Is it just me or do you also come across all sorts of things, sources, and people out there who only love reciting the bible verses that in their minds align with their lifestyles, which is not of God. A lot of them like to say things like Jesus preached love, why are you hating? God loves everyone no matter what, Thou shall not judge, or judge not. All these are just referred to as sugar-coating the Bible, being that they only want to hear and practice sweet and pleasure-giving verses of the Bible that align with their lives. SAD.

You can eat your cake and have Sir, you can’t cherry-pick what to practice from the bible, you are to live the entire Bible. From my own understanding, the entire Bible themes, events, generations and everything else you can think of, all lead to one ultimate theme “Jesus Christ”. There is no jumping the staircase here, you have to use your legs one by one, basically take the bible as it is, not picking only what suits your life or your situation.

The thing I find funny is that those who don’t believe in God or believe in other false gods are those who actually argue about the word of God ( the Holy Bible).

Thanks for reading and KEEP THE FAITH STRONG.


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