Time, what we have enough of, but still never enough

Time, what we are always conscious of, but still unconscious with

Time, what we live our lives by, but still goes on without us

Time, what we want to cherish a lot, but lost our zeal to

Time, what ticks every day, but not loud enough for us to dance to its beat

Time, I know I have enough of you, but I became too busy for you

Time, I wish I was conscious of how I spend you, but the responsibilities of life made me unconscious of your value

Time, I know if I die now, you will live on without me

Time, I wish I have more to offer, but I am too busy spending you on things that I sadly know don’t matter

Time, you are slowly ticking away, but I can’t afford to live life slowly to dance along with you

Time, wait, I heard you don’t work within your own rules

Time, please hear my plead, pay close attention to me crying, I need more of you.

Time, will you give me more of you? or you don’t have enough as well?

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