Dark days are many, but a day full of light overshadows them. (it was supposed to be posted in April).

Hello, How are you doing? Hopefully well in Christ and in the right state of mind. Been a while from me, yeah, but no excuse, here I am again. I am currently writing my final exams for this semester. Keep praying for me regarding this Let’s beat around the bush a bit. Life just feels like life is empty. For real, what is the purpose of life without God? (not the generic worldly God). Life is empty, it just takes and takes and never gives back. Life placed us all in a rat race, we are all on the move for the next race of life. Trends come, we follow them, a celebrity comes, we follow them, culture comes, we follow it. Same cycle every day, till our days, run down. What is life on its own without a purpose? basically nothing, other than just live it for the sake of living it.

If you decide to not run the rat race of life with the sprinters, they will run you down. For just being different, they will cast you out. For just being a Christian, they will nail you down every day. Sometimes, it does get to some of us. we do feel pressured and this makes us lay down all our good course of Christ, just to pick up a spike shoe and join the same rat race of life.

Life, what did you do to us? you made us horrible, you created a race for everyone, but made an easy way out for your special ones. Life, you created force happiness and false hope for us, meanwhile, you know the bounty on your head has been completed. Life, you blinded their eyes, so they wouldn’t listen to instructions. Christians know you do these things because you know you don’t want to feel lonely after your destruction has been delivered to you on a plate by Jesus Christ.

Christians will try to warn the non-believers, or those false Christians claiming to love God but doing otherwise, they will hate you simply because you are a Christian, you are an enemy to them. There is a target on us, they are always trying to look for your fault, any slight mistake, they will pounce on you like they are good people themselves (well, they believe that funny enough). They will be on your case like those judges in the courtroom, judging people’s faults, without being able to recognise their own faults.

Let me set the record straight, this blog is not written to make you feel good and make you think that you are a good person. It’s to make you realise that the life outside that in Jesus Christ that you are living in is nothing but a vapour, ‘eventually fades away. you can claim to love god and living for Jesus, ‘but you really do know yourself, You can deceive people with your false Christian faith. you can enjoy that false living now, it’s coming back to enjoy you. you can play us, but remember, God is not mocked”. Thanks for reading and KEEP THE FAITH STRONG!!!!!


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