Harsh Reality

Should I just dive into the whole thing? I will probably do it. As a kid, my teachers always ask me who my role model is? Because I loved soccer a lot, I always say Ronaldo, sorry Messi fans. Not until I looked at the whole thing 7 years after, with Christ living in me now. Who is a role model in this world, for real, we could try to be like others, but the bitter truth is that is everyone for themselves. Have you ever thought of it that your role models even care about your interest? Funny enough, my role model then wouldn’t be able to pronounce my last and first name probably. Look at it this way, do we really know what goes on in those people’s lives? Let me answer for everyone, NO!! we don’t, we only get to see what they want us to see. Do you see the low experiences? Do you see the sins they commit in the secret? Do you see the horrible things they can’t uncut in real life? It’s like we have a little bit of truth in us, we know all this, but we are so caught up in trying to feel good and always trying to relate ourselves to other humans who even will wish that we don’t in most cases. A little bit of truth is not getting us anywhere, if you have a little bit of truth, where is the other little to make it whole.

I feel so sad within me that some people still haven’t gotten the reality. Humans are too weak to live in reality. Why is it that immediately after you read or see something that is thought challenging to you, you accept it at first, but still don’t put it into practice? I forgot to add that you are always in a hurry to get through this and hop on Snapchat, the Instagram scrolling tendency as well, where will that get you in life? Only if we can double-tap our Bible verse like we do for those pictures. I feel for you, I have been there as well. The funniest thing is that all the people I told I was going to delete my social media account thought I had depression going on. Your new and not-longing reality has blinded you. Think about this, why is it that your role models get depressed, and then they deactivate their social media accounts to so call recover or find themselves? Sadly, they always pull themselves back into it, because they had been starved of that dopamine for a while.

I love you enough to tell you this, I have been there, I have seen it all, we are not getting anywhere with this lifestyle. Do what makes you happy they say. Quick thought, imagine if what makes someone happy is to hurt or kill people. You are so blinded trying to be nice and not being able to discern what is good from what is totally wrong. Even nice itself won’t want you to be too nice. To sum the whole thing up, this segment is about you being separate from the world, being in it but not of it.

How can we claim to be Christians but don’t actually stand for the main course of your faith “Christ” Christians are meant to be Christ-like, not world-like. Be of Christ, he had won the victory against the world already.

Thanks for reading and KEEP THE FAITH STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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